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Pleasure to Play Master-Class: 3 -day

Exploring complicité, clown state and intra-cultural training.

  • Started 1 Apr
  • 450 Australian dollars
  • Siteworks - 33 Saxon St. - Brunswick

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THE PLEASURE TO PLAY PROJECT : Seeking complicité, the pleasure to play and a clown state as an integral part of actor training. Complicité : the rapport between actors not characters, like the rapport that two close friends exhibit when they are together. The pleasure to play: when actors are open because they are playing authentically as themselves. By being open they find a delicate and beautiful complicité with each other which allows them the pleasure to play fluently and effortlessly together. The aligned methodologies of Kristine’s practice which teaches actors to play as themselves in order to find complicité and Fabio’s clown state work offer training that places the performer at the center of the creative process. Through our shared methodology actors are empowered to find freedom, agency, and authenticity in their work. Our approach aims to create a more equitable and inclusive actor training, de-colonizing many of the power hierarchies often present in a rehearsal room, and giving a voice and value to one’s own cultural identity as an integral ingredient to the artistic process. Actors who train with us will develop an embodied technique that builds skills in authentic connection, deep listening, and a profound trust in their artistic practice. It works on the principle of coming to self as its first port of call. While many methodologies prepare actors to find their character, this workshop asks you to find yourself first. We believe that in doing so, the actor transforms and is then able to go anywhere. This unique workshop forensically examines what the actor needs to do in order to play well in every moment on stage, on screen, whether in a scene, monologue, rehearsal, performance, or audition. The master-class will reveal to the actor how to stay present and connected not only with a scene partner but also with the audience. The approach is ideal for artists at any stage of their career who want to empower their artistic practice and bring more of their authentic self to their work, whether it be in film, television, theatre, devising or comedy. The breakdown of sessions is as follows: • Play: learning complicité through games • Improvisation: holding the openness and complicité with each other found in games and threading this through to improvisation • Text work and scene work: holding the open complicité found in games and improvisations and threading this through to text work

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