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Core Classes

Scroll down to see the three core classes we teach at The Clowning Workshop: 

Theatre As Play, Clowning, and Vocal Play (Fitzmaurice Voicework®).

Discounts are offered if you take more than one course in the same term.


Furthermore, scholarships are available for BIPOC, people from a low socioeconomic background, body diversity, transgender and gender diverse identifying artists to amplify their voices and presence in our workshop community. 

If this applies to you, or for more information and recommendations for which would suit you best, please get in touch.


Theatre As Play

'Theatre is as Serious as Child's Play' - Philippe Gaulier

If you're new to The Clowning Workshop, this is a great place to start.

Theatre As Play gives actors, and those curious about being involved in the performance world, an introduction to play, complicité (a deep unspoken connection with your partner and the audience), improvisation and breathwork.


We use a series of games, improvisations, text and clown exercises to increase your sensitivity to your fellow player, your surroundings, the audience and what is happening in the scene.

Such exercises are used to enhance your focus and connection with your partner. They connect you to your 'pleasure to play well', and stop you from predicting what should happen in a script. 


Instead, our students become open to any possibility, letting the script come crackling to life through the games.

Theatre As Play


Get ready to perform like you've never performed before.

Discover more about yourself and your spirit of play by using the smallest mask in the world: the red nose.

Soften your brain and let your body lead the way as you embark on a journey of chaos, laughter and discovery.


If you are constantly "stuck in your head" or have no idea how to be fearlessly vulnerable on stage (or in life!) this is for you. 


Theatrical Clowning training rewards those that jump in with two feet with a new-found level of awareness: of yourself, of your surroundings, of your connection with your partner, and your audience.


Clowning puts us at the centre of our being. It encourages deep listening, openness, play, and vulnerability.


Theatrical clown training is taught at many MFA and BFA acting programs worldwide as an integral part of actor training.


To quote the inimitable Brene Brown: "People who wade into discomfort and vulnerability and tell the truth about their stories are the real badasses".

So really it's training in badassery - and learning to always lead with your HOPE!


Vocal Play

Any acting training method would not be complete without exploring a deeper connection to your body, breath and voice. Become fully present with ease, fluidity and awareness.

Fitzmaurice Voicework® is a holistic voice trainig method devised by Catherine Fitzmaurice. The training draws upon yoga, shiatsu, classical vocal training, bio-energetics and more.


The work provides a holistic practice to voice work, allowing for great vocal expression and freedom from physical tension.

Over 8 weeks, the class aims to give you a technique that will help to cultivate a deep physical awareness as well as a practice to find a deeper embodied connection to your text, speech or song.

It is suitable and will benefit all people, including performers, actors, entrepreneurs, corporate workers, public speakers, EVERYONE!

Fitzmaurice Voicework® is taught worldwide at many major acting institutions including the Victorian College of the Arts (VCA), Yale School of Drama and Harvard MFA programs, New York University's Tisch School Of The Arts and more.

Vocal Play
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