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Things people ask US

  • What is clowning?
    We're glad you asked. Clowning isn't all face-paint and balloon animals. In this context, it's a technique of performing that relies on you using all your natural instincts. We use games and the simple red nose to bring out your inner clown.
  • What if I'm not funny?
    Great! All the better clown you will be. Clowns have no awareness of being 'funny'. They're just going about their lives, trying to figure out an impossible problem. You absolutely do not have to be funny to take any of our classes. Clowns can have all emotions, happy, sad, outrageously angry. Anything goes! And anyone can join.
  • What if I don't have an inner clown?
    EVERYONE has an inner clown! They're just inside you, waiting to be discovered.
  • How do clowning, vocal training and play go together?"
    They seem very different, don't they? However, here at The Clowning Workshop, we believe in performing that comes from your body. From your natural instincts and joy. Not from your head. All these techniques are different ways in to help you to release your mind and create solely from instinct and pleasure. Never again will you feel the need to 'conjure' an experience, emotion or 'state'. You will create from an awareness of your body, your fellow player, and the audience.
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