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Melbourne Clowning, Theatre, and vocal training based on playcuriosity, 
connection, and joy.

It's called a PLAY for a reason!

The Clowning Workshop offers an inclusive space for all actors and performers to play, create, fail, and grow within a supportive community.

As a performer, you need a safe space to discover the height of your talent- and learn to give it away freely!​

Learning to 'play well' with others and the audience is the cornerstone of our philosophy. ​

'Play' places performers straight into their bodies and in the present moment

As a result, you will heighten your awareness of your physical and vocal instrument -

finding greater freedom and ease in being seen, heard, and felt.

Actors who embody this approach are free from inhibition and irresistible to watch.


What is The Clowning Workshop?

What is The Clowning Workshop?


"Melbourne's best kept acting secret.

The concept of clowning might sound like scary-silly-circus-antics. In reality, at the core of it are essential teachings for, not only, acting but in life.

Fabio Motta has helped shape me into a much more truthful, joyous performer and human. He challenges you in a supportive environment and invigorates your personal pleasure of performance.

His workshops are rich in fundamental skills, for solo performers, ensembles and are malleable to those with more experience.

Be open, breathe and find your pleasure in these classes of pure joy."

- Mitchell Holland (Actor)


Who are we?

You don't want a bunch of clowns teaching you everything you know!


Well... actually in this case you do.

Fabio Motta is a performer and teacher who has trained at illustrious places like Ecole Philippe Gaulier, HB Studios and is a certified Fitzmaurice Voicework® teacher.

Why Clowning?

Forget about scary face paint, water guns, unicycles and balloon animals!

Clowning is at the core of the actor’s craft.

Discovering your 'clown state' will bring a greater sense of authenticity, presence, play and vulnerability to your work.

It begins when you abandon trying to find 'clever ideas'. Instead, we encourage you to surrender to what is here and now. Let yourself be surprised at what you find from this place!


From this place, we can discover the fragility and idiocy of our humanity. 


It’s a great act of generosity to let yourself be seen, heard, and felt without artifice. From this humble beginning, you can pursue your joy and dreams to offer something amazing to the world! 

For this reason, clowning training is an integral part of actor training and is taught at some of the most established drama schools and training programs in world.



Not simply the generosity of sharing your talent or skills,

but of being brave enough to reveal all of your humanity."

What people SAy

"I don’t think there are many class experiences like the ones you’ll find here. There especially aren’t any other Fabios anywhere."


- Connor Sweeney - Actor (Harry Potter And The Cursed Child AUS)

Current Workshops

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